Business Turnaround And Strategic Transformation – Concepts And Cases

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 16 Jan 2023

Session ends on 20 Jan 2023


    Business Turnaround And Strategic Transformation – Concepts And Cases

    Wide and sweeping changes are shaping the business landscape today, and threatening to erode the competitive advantages of companies. It is not uncommon to see marquee firms of yesteryears become casualty of current environmental shocks. Even the surviving companies do so after losing immense value of stakeholders. Only well designed and meticulously implemented turnaround strategies can revive companies facing such shock and bestow their past glory. This unique programme takes the participants through the science behind turning around businesses and transforming strategies

    The objectives of the programme are: (a) to provide the participants with a comprehensive perspective on business turnaround and strategic transformation, (b) equip them with tools required to handle such processes effectively, and (c) develop the skill required to apply the tools in a contextually relevant and effective manner. The content not only covers the “dos” and “don’ts”, but takes a deep dive into the conceptual depth to explain the “why?”, so that the participants can apply the tool in a contextually relevant manner. High emphasis on case analysis helps the participants develop a deep insight and the skill of applying the tools in real life context.


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    Two pedagogic methods will be used. The first (using about 45% to 50% of contact hours) will be to educate the participants on the models and frameworks, enumerated in the content below.

    The second method (approximately 50% to 55% of contact Hours) is case analysis in a workshop mode.

    The participants will be required to analyse cases, individually and in groups, and engage in threadbare deliberations. The cases will help the participants gain practical insights and feel of the comprehensive nature of transformations. Further, the case analysis process develops the skills of participants in applying the models in practice, without which learning is incomplete.


    The course is suitable for participants wanting to get ready in the following roles/conditions:

    • Consultancy – internal or external
    • Strategic HRM and Communication
    • Member of teams diagnosing, strategic planning and implementing business turnaround and strategic transformation
    • All executives in a company going through dynamic changes in environment, high growth and performance crisisDesign and Implementation of any new strategy


      1. Models and Frameworks (45% to 50% of contact hours)

        • Understanding what a turnaround strategy is
        • Implementation tools of a turnaround strategy
        • Institutionalization in organizations
        • Inertia and resistance to change in organisations
        • Common reaction of leaders facing business threat
        • Factors leading to oversights by leaders
        • Models of managing strategic transformation

        Developing Practical Insight and Decision-making Skill (50% to 55% of contact hours)

        • Series of cases

        Programme Highlights

        • Relevant in the current business context in India
        • Unique programme, historically only offered by XLRI Jamshedpur
        • Learning by doing through case-based workshop
        • Team-based decision-making practice
        • Conducted by academician who is also a practicing strategist
        • The instructor is a specialist in the case study method of teaching


    16th Jan 23 - 20th Jan 23


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    Group 17

    Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee

    B.Tech - IIT Kgp; PGDBM - IIMC

    Strategic Management

    Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee had a rich industry experience before he switched into academics. He had been a corporate entrepreneur – building new lines of business; transferred, reverse engineered and indigenized licensed technology; turned around declining business; and established a new company.


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