Change Leadership Certification Program

A uniquely designed programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 10th Feb 2025

Session ends on 13th Feb 2025


    Change Leadership Certification Program

    Welcome to our Change Leadership Certification Program. This program is a chance for you to enhance your leadership skills and become an effective change leadership and change management professional.

    In the rapidly evolving business world, organizations constantly seek changes. Fueled by societal changes due to COVID-19 disruption and Age of AI, the change is going to be the new normal. Even without such disruption, change efforts are known to not meet their goals, often because change agents lack proper change management skills. Therefore, leading and managing change effectively as a competency is required for all senior management roles.

    Change management is complex, and research shows that many initiatives fail due to managers' ineffective handling of these changes. Change agents often struggle with communicating the need for change, engaging employees, and overcoming resistance. This program provides essential training in change management, ensuring you're equipped to lead successful change initiatives.

    Our program goes beyond theory, focusing on practical application with a pedagogy that is participative and now is AI assisted for a more personalized, interactive, and effective learning experience (read more below in our methodology section). It's designed for change agents like HR managers, enhancing their ability to assess situations, influence others, and communicate change effectively. You'll gain insights into change models and develop self-awareness as a leader and change agent.

    Since 2016, our comprehensive program called Leadership and Change Management has guided over a thousand mid-to-senior professionals, receiving high praise for its impact and effectiveness. Now offered in a concise 4-day format, it's more accessible while still providing deep insights and practical skills. This format is used to train many senior managers from various organizations and is very effective in developing change competency.

    Program goals:

    • Learn essential skills and strategies for effective change implementation.

    • Gain practical and theoretical knowledge about individual and organizational change.

    • Master conducting gap analyses, executing large-scale changes, and crafting change plans.

    Join our Comprehensive Leadership Certification on Driving Organizational Change and start a journey that will not only empower you to lead/manage change but will also give your career a boost.


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    This program is designed with a pedagogical approach that emphasizes active participation, reflection, and collaborative learning. We firmly believe that the best methodology for effective learning involves creating opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from each other’s experiences, and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. To achieve this, we have incorporated the following key elements into the program:

    Case Discussions: Real-world case studies will be used to explore and analyze various leadership and change management challenges. Through lively discussions facilitated by expert faculty, participants will gain insights into different perspectives, approaches, and best practices.

    Group Work: Collaborative group activities and projects will be assigned to foster teamwork and encourage participants to learn from one another (peer learning). By working together, sharing experiences, and tackling complex scenarios, participants will deepen their understanding of leadership and change management principles.

    Online Simulation: As part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in an online simulation developed by Harvard Business School. This simulation will provide a realistic virtual environment where participants can apply their leadership and change management skills, make strategic decisions, and experience the consequences of their actions.

    Customized AI Application: We provide customized AI applications to practice concepts for your own workplace for many concepts in the program. This provides you with an opportunity to take your learning to the next level by providing a personalized learning experience. This is made possible due to our proprietary AI tools designed specifically for this program.

    By incorporating these pedagogical methods, we aim to create a rich and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom lectures. Participants will actively engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain practical insights, and develop the necessary skills to address real-world leadership and change management challenges.


    This program is meticulously tailored for senior and higher middle management professionals who play a pivotal role in their organization’s change initiatives.

    Ideal for those who:

    • Are spearheading change initiatives: For professionals tasked with initiating or contemplating organizational changes and seeking a systematic and effective approach.
    • Newly promoted leaders: Individuals who have recently stepped up in their career and are looking to acquire key competencies to excel in their new roles.
    • Experienced professionals facing change hurdles: For those who have previously encountered challenges in change processes and are keen on gaining insights to refine their approach.
    • Leaders focused on enhancing change acceptance: For those aiming to reduce resistance and foster a more accepting environment for upcoming changes.
    • Professionals seeking to boost participation in change: Ideal for those desiring to learn strategies for actively engaging organisational members in the change management process.
    • Decoding Change Contexts: Uncover the varied landscapes of organizational change, equipping you with the ability to recognize and adapt to diverse change scenarios.
    • Mastering Organizational Diagnosis: Dive into the combined art and science of assessing your organization’s health and readiness for change, enhancing your diagnostic acumen.
    • Navigating the Change Journey: Gain insights into steering through the complexities of change processes, from inception to implementation. We also use a simulation to practice being in the leader shoes.
    • Managing Power Dynamics: Learn strategies to effectively address and leverage power dynamics within your organization during change initiatives.
    • Effective Collaboration with Consultants: Discover the keys to productive partnerships with external experts, maximizing the benefits of their expertise in your change efforts.
    • Crafting Participatory Strategies: Develop skills in designing engaging and inclusive approaches and tools, fostering active participation and support for change initiatives.
    • Building Robust Change Monitoring Systems: Explore methodologies for creating effective change monitoring frameworks, ensuring ongoing evaluation and adaptability of your change strategies.
    • Project work and discussion: A capstone project that integrates all learning aspects, encouraging participants to develop and discuss comprehensive change management strategies for their organizations.


    Overall, these program topics provide senior managers with essential knowledge and skills to lead effectively, drive organizational change, and create a positive and high-performing work environment. By mastering these areas, senior managers can navigate complex challenges, build cohesive teams, and steer their organizations towards sustainable success.


    10 Feb- 13 Feb 2025.        XLRI , Jamshedpur.


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    Dr Rahul Chandra Sheel

    Fellow - IIM Ahmedabad

    Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation

    Professor Rahul Sheel, specializing in Organizational Development, Change, and Leadership, is part of the Organisational Behavior group at XLRI. He holds a PhD in Organisational Behavior from IIM Ahmedabad. He has an impressive track record, training executives for company programs from Coca Cola India, NTPC, NPCIL, NHPC, JSW, Powergrid, ONGC, Indian Oil, HAL, Tata Steel, Tata Capital, Mahindra, L&T, Novo Nordisk, Asian Paints among others. Professor Sheel has conceptualized, coordinated and instructed a highly regarded online executive program in Leadership and Change Management at XLRI. Leading ten batches of this program, he has successfully imparted knowledge and skills to over a thousand senior executives from various companies who enroll in this program. He has worked with various companies to develop customized leadership development programs for senior executives. Additionally, Professor Sheel's consultancy services include conducting organizational assessments, and providing strategic guidance to enhance leadership effectiveness. Prof. Sheel publishes his work in esteemed international and national journals and presents his work at prestigious conferences.


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