Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation

A uniquely designed programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 12 Feb 2024

Session ends on 16 Feb 2024


    Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation

    Introducing the Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation Program. Here is an opportunity to unlock your potential as an effective leader in a changing world!

    In today's fast-paced business landscape, organizations are constantly striving for improvement and efficiency through process enhancements, structural changes, and system upgrades. However, many change initiatives fall short of their objectives, often due to a lack of skills among managers driving the change. While leadership development is commonly addressed, the critical aspect of change management training is often overlooked, especially for middle managers who play a crucial role in implementing and sustaining change.

    In this program, we firmly believe that successful change programs require competent managers at every level who possess a solid understanding of both leadership and change management concepts, tools, and techniques. By integrating leadership development and change management training, organizations can significantly enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, managers who undergo such training are more likely to excel in their managerial tasks, successfully manage change, and advance in their careers.

    Our program is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into leadership and change management theories and their practical applications. We emphasize learning not only knowledge but also skills and values, making the experience highly interactive and reflective. Through various assessments and reflections, you will have the opportunity to explore your own leadership style and identify specific areas for improvement.

    Since its inception in 2016 as the pioneering program in India to cover both Leadership and Change Management, we have successfully completed nine batches, consisting of over a thousand mid-to-senior professionals with an average work experience of 16 years. The feedback from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive, making this program an immensely enriching experience. Join us on this transformative journey where you will: Gain a deep understanding of leadership principles and change management concepts. Acquire practical skills and tools to navigate and drive change effectively.
    Enhance your leadership capabilities, including communication, decision making, and problem-solving. Develop emotional intelligence and build strong relationships to inspire your team's performance.

    Embrace diversity and leverage different personalities to foster collaboration and maximize team strengths.

    Overcome challenges, manage conflicts, and guide your team through complex situations.

    Cultivate personal growth, self-regulation, and a growth mindset to continuously evolve as a leader. Enroll in our Comprehensive Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation Program today and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your career and empower you to thrive in the face of change.


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    This program is designed with a pedagogical approach that emphasizes active participation, reflection, and collaborative learning. We firmly believe that the best methodology for effective learning involves creating opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from each other’s experiences, and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. To achieve this, we have incorporated the following key elements into the program:


    Case Discussions: Real-world case studies will be used to explore and analyze various leadership and change management challenges. Through lively discussions facilitated by expert faculty, participants will gain insights into different perspectives, approaches, and best practices.


    Group Work: Collaborative group activities and projects will be assigned to foster teamwork and encourage participants to learn from one another (peer learning). By working together, sharing experiences, and tackling complex scenarios, participants will deepen their understanding of leadership and change management principles.


    Online Simulation by Harvard: As part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in an online simulation developed by Harvard Business School. This simulation will provide a realistic virtual environment where participants can apply their leadership and change management skills, make strategic decisions, and experience the consequences of their actions.

    By incorporating these pedagogical methods, we aim to create a rich and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom lectures. Participants will actively engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain practical insights, and develop the necessary skills to address real-world leadership and change management challenges.


    The Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation Program is specifically designed for senior and higher middle management professionals who are actively involved in organizational change.


    If you find yourself dealing with the following challenges, this program is tailored for you:


    Are you currently in the process of introducing or considering implementing a change within your organization? This Program will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of change effectively.


    Have you encountered difficulties or roadblocks while navigating organizational change in the past? This program will equip you with valuable insights, strategies, and tools to overcome resistance, manage challenges, and ensure successful change implementation.


    Do you aspire to reduce resistance and increase acceptance when implementing change in the future? By participating in this Program, you will learn techniques and best practices to engage stakeholders, communicate effectively, and create a supportive environment for change adoption.


    Are you seeking to enhance your competency in managing change?
    This program will empower you with the essential competencies, including leadership skills, change management strategies, and emotional intelligence, to effectively lead and drive change initiatives within your organization.


    Whether you are currently facing change-related challenges or wish to proactively develop your change management capabilities, the program offers the knowledge, insights, and practical skills needed to excel in managing change.


    Self-Awareness and Self-Management: Enhancing Emotional and Social Intelligence – In senior managerial positions, effective leadership hinges on self-awareness and self-management. By developing emotional and social intelligence, managers can better understand their own strengths, weaknesses, and emotional triggers. This self-awareness allows them to regulate their emotions, make sound decisions, and build strong relationships with their teams. Improved self-management empowers senior managers to navigate complex organizational dynamics, handle conflicts,
    and inspire their subordinates with empathy and authenticity.


    Organization Diagnosis and Design: Understanding and Diagnosing Organizational Structures – Senior managers need a deep understanding of organizational structures to drive strategic decision-making and foster optimal performance. By comprehending the intricacies of an organization’s design, they can identify areas of improvement, streamline processes, and align resources effectively. Diagnosis of the organization’s structure enables senior managers to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for growth, leading to enhanced productivity, agility, and adaptability within the organization.


    Change Management at Workplace: Navigating the Change Process and Addressing Power Dynamics – Senior managers often play a critical role in leading and managing change initiatives within their organizations. Change is inevitable in today’s dynamic business environment, and effectively navigating the change process is essential for sustainable success. Senior managers must understand the psychology of change, address resistance, and effectively communicate change initiatives to gain buy-in from stakeholders. Additionally, they need to recognize and address power dynamics that may emerge during the change process, ensuring smooth implementation and minimizing potential disruptions.


    Collaboration with Consultants for Successful Change Implementation -Senior managers often collaborate with external consultants to facilitate successful change implementation. It is crucial for managers in senior roles to understand how to effectively engage with consultants, leverage their expertise, and align their strategies with organizational goals. This topic equips senior managers with the knowledge and skills to establish productive working relationships with consultants, communicate expectations clearly, and harness their insights to drive meaningful change within the organization.


    Participatory Approaches and Tools for Effective Change Management – In senior managerial roles, empowering and involving employees in the change management process is vital for fostering ownership and commitment. This topic introduces participatory approaches and tools
    that enable senior managers to engage employees at various levels, solicit their input, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. By involving employees in change initiatives, senior managers can tap into their collective wisdom, improve decision-making, and create a more
    resilient and adaptive organization.


    Overall, these program topics provide senior managers with essential knowledge and skills to lead effectively, drive organizational change, and create a positive and high-performing work environment. By mastering these areas, senior managers can navigate complex challenges, build cohesive teams, and steer their organizations towards sustainable success.


    12 Feb- 16 Feb 2024. XLRI , Jamshedpur.


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    Dr Rahul Chandra Sheel

    Fellow - IIM Ahmedabad

    Change Leadership: Inspiring and Guiding Organizational Transformation

    Professor Rahul Sheel is a highly accomplished trainer specializing in Organizational Development, Change, and Leadership. He is currently a faculty at XLRI in the Organisational Behavior Area and has done his PhD from IIM Ahmedabad. He has an impressive track record, training executives for company programs from Coca Cola India, NTPC, NPCIL, NHPC, JSW, Powergrid, ONGC, Indian Oil, HAL, Tata Steel, Tata Capital, Mahindra, L&T, Novo Nordisk, Asian Paints etc. Over the past decade, Professor Sheel has served as the coordinator and instructor for an esteemed online executive development program on Leadership and Change Management offered by XLRI. Leading nine batches of this program, he has successfully imparted knowledge and skills to over a thousand executives, who collectively possess an average work experience of 16 years. Through interactive and engaging sessions, Professor Sheel has empowered these executives to drive positive organizational change, enhance leadership capabilities, and navigate complex business environments. Professor Sheel's expertise extends to consultancy services, where he has designed tailored leadership development programs, conducted organizational assessments, and provided strategic guidance to enhance leadership effectiveness. Furthermore, he is a respected researcher and thought leader in the field of organizational behavior, publishing his work in esteemed international and national journals and presenting at prestigious conferences. Professor Sheel's dedication to research ensures his training and consultancy services are based on cutting-edge insights and practices.


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