Ip for Business Managers and Innovators

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 14th Jan 2023

Session ends on 16 Jan 2023


    Ip for Business Managers and Innovators

    Innovation is imperative to sustain in the ever-changing world and growing competition. The innovation models have evolved from closed innovation to open innovation. IP enables organizations to defend proprietary market advantage and create sustained supremacy in the market. Every organization in the world is striving hard to create differentiation in terms of technology, identity, business strategy, collaboration, and technology acquisition processes and IP is crucial enabler to make this happen.

    IP strategy when properly deployed can translate in to increased profit margin, market dominance, domain leaders and enhanced market share. Ignoring Intellectual Property can pose huge financial risks and sustainability risks to business model of both start-ups and established organizations. On the other hand, investment in the intellectual property awareness and application can enable the organizations to improve its valuation, hedge technological/business risks and sustain continuous growth.

    The course would make participates familiar with different forms of Intellectual property and how Intellectual Property a. Is used to strengthen business strategy b. fosters innovation and creativity c. affects competitive position of the organization in the industry d. acts as currency in open innovation paradigm.


    • To provide business leaders, entrepreneurs and strategists broader perspective of
      Intellectual Property and its relevance to business and strategy.
    • To develop basic understanding on how IP can ensure business to gain and retain its
      innovation-based advantage.
    • To make innovators familiar with innovation ecosystems (Invention cycle/innovation
      cycle) and technology readiness level, technology transfer issues.
    • To help innovators develop a framework to protect and file IP.
    • To develop an understanding on how to create technology strategy for the businesses


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    The programme will have a mix of class-based discussions, readings/cases

    and hands-on exercises. Programme participants will have to collaborate in small groups to work on carefully designed exercises related to IP strategy. All readings/cases/data

    sources/frameworks will be provided to the participants.


    The programme is designed for innovators and business managers

    involved in taking decisions related to technologies, new investments, acquisitions and mergers

    and joint working with other companies or research institutes. It is targeted at both middle

    managers in corporations tasked with managing innovation as well as the Indian technology

    entrepreneur focused on creating and protecting new intellectual property. The programme

    focuses on the strategic implications of intellectual property and provides the participants with

    valuable tools and knowledge regarding intellectual property strategy and management.

    Participants are not required to have an in-depth understanding of technologies and their



      1. Introduction to Innovation and Intellectual Property
      2. a) Basics of Innovation
      3. b) Types of Innovation
      4. c) Conflicts in Innovation
      5. d) Innovation and Intellectual property
      6. e) Innovation Strategy
      7. Basics of Intellectual Property: Different forms of Intellectual Property
      8. a) Patents
      9. b) Designs
      10. c) Copyrights
      11. d) Trademarks
      12. e) Trade secrets
      13. f) Geographical Indications
      14. g) Plant Breeders Rights
      15. h) Process of filing IP – procedure and best practices
      16. i) IP and Technology Intelligence – identify future threats and opportunities for your


      1. How to align IP strategy and R&D strategy with Business Strategy
      2. a) IP strategy for Start-ups
      3. b) IP strategy for well established businesses
      4. c) Why intellectual Property is needed?
      5. d) Why entrepreneurs need to protect their ideas
      6. e) Market your organization with technological assets
      7. f) Creating exclusivity
      8. g) Why should Start-ups be IP Savvy?
      9. h) How does Intellectual Property create differentiation and how can Intellectual

      Property Enhance the Market Value of Your organization?4. Open Innovation (OI) and Intellectual Property

      1. a) What is OI and how is different from crowd sourcing
      2. b) How to enable open innovation
      3. c) Different Models of Collaboration and how to embrace these models
      4. d) Issues in Open Innovation
      5. e) Learning from innovative companies- how does OI make a difference’
      6. Technology Transfer and Licensing Strategies - Big organizations and start-up

      necessarily are not inventing themselves but they need to be well equipped to

      identify the breakthrough and make right move in acquiring and exploiting

      intellectual property.

      1. a) Creating advantages of what is already there
      2. b) How do you Turn Inventions into Profit-making Assets?
      3. c) Stop reinventing the wheel and see if it can be customized
      4. d) You do not need to invent – find out a partner
      5. e) Identifying acquisitions and Mergers via technology evaluation
      6. f) Licensing of Intellectual Property; a Vital Component of the Business Strategy
      7. g) How you can create a multinational organization with minimum investment and

      exploiting IP assets

      1. Conflicts in IP strategy and wrap-up
      2. a) Paradoxes in Innovation
      3. b) Paradoxes in Intellectual Property management
      4. c) Summary and Wrap-up


    14th Jan 23 - 16th Jan 23


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    Group 16

    Dr. Saurav Snehvrat

    B.Tech (Honours)– NIT Rourkela, MBA (Distinction) – Ross School of Business, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor


    Dr. Saurav has approximately 12 years of corporate experience in IT, Automotive, Finance and Manufacturing in India and USA. He also has entrepreneurship experience in the Indian pharmaceuticals sector.


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