Python for Finance

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 10 Jan 2025

Session ends on 13 Jan 2025


    Python for Finance

    In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, proficiency in programming languages is no longer just a desirable skill—it's becoming necessary for finance professionals aiming to stay ahead. With its simplicity, versatility, and robust libraries, Python has emerged as the go-to language for tasks ranging from data analysis and visualization to algorithmic trading and risk management. This course aims to equip corporate finance professionals with the essential Python skills necessary to excel in their roles, empowering them to streamline processes, make data-driven decisions, and innovate in the finance industry.


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    1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of Python programming language and its application in finance.
    2. Familiarize participants with fundamental Python libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and
    Matplotlib for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.
    3. Introduce advanced topics, including financial modeling, algorithmic trading strategies, and risk management using Python.
    4. Cultivate practical skills through hands-on coding exercises, real-world case studies, and industry-relevant projects.
    5. Enable participants to leverage Python to automate repetitive tasks, optimize workflows, and
    extract valuable insights from financial data.
    6. Empower participants to enhance their professional profiles and advance their careers by mastering a highly sought-after skillset.


    The course will be experiential and interactive to encourage active participation, involving individual and/or group projects. Additionally, action-oriented reflective exercises will guide participants in gaining a deeper understanding of the application of Python. The ultimate goal is for participants to develop an understanding of both Python coding and statistical concepts and apply them to analyzing financial data, such as the stock market.


    This program is designed to benefit a wide range of participants, including managers and executives from various financial services companies such as banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, and credit card associations. It is equally valuable for entrepreneurs and startups aspiring to raise capital from the market. Regulators who play a crucial role in overseeing the financial sector can also benefit from this program.


    10 – 13 Jan 2025.                               XLRI DELHI.


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    Prof. Arpit is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Economics at XLRI Delhi NCR. He is a financial economist specializing in banking and financial regulation. He is actively involved in research that seeks to understand how financial intermediaries make decisions in a strategic and uncertain environment, how agents change their behavior in response to financial regulations, and their implications for the financial system. He is proficient in several programming skills that are relevant for professionals in the domain of financial economics, such as Python, Stata, R, Matlab, and Dynare, and has applied them in his research projects His latest research has been featured in the World Bank- All About Finance series (A forum for public debate on the financial sector). He holds a Ph.D. (IIM Calcutta) in Economics (Minor: Finance). Besides, he has taken multiple Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency sessions for corporate executives and senior officers from the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). Prof. Arpit can be contacted by email at arpitkp@xlri.ac.in. More details on him can be found at www.arpitkumarparija.com.


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