The Strategy Gurukul

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 06 Feb 2023

Session ends on 10 Feb 2023


    The Strategy Gurukul

    It is common for senior executives from industry to attend structured management development programmes for rapid learning. Such programmes help in rapid transfer of theoretical knowledge with examples/anecdotes of their application. However, it comes with its own flip side:
    (a) The knowledge remains relatively superficial as the pressure to cover the content leaves little opportunity of exploring individual topics in depth. This does not align with requirement of deep knowledge by senior leaders for making the high impact decisions. (b) Connection of theory and practice is done in the reverse order as the practice. A known theory is applied correctly to one or more phenomena. But in practice the decision makers start with a known phenomenon (not a theory) and have to identify one or more theoretical lens/tools to make the decision.

    This programme addresses the above limitations in desired outcomes by flipping the whole learning process, where the participants start with a real-life industry problem, identifies theory/models, and makes the decision in a comprehensive manner. In a group, this learning is amplified through a facilitated discussion and interaction with subject experts and peers.


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    The title of the programme is derived from the pedagogy. In the ancient Gurukul System, the learning used to be through deep philosophical discussions on a topic, and also through practice. The process involved not only the learning from guru to disciple, but also disciple to disciple. The method was very organic, no clear “syllabus” where everyone learnt at their own pace. In modern days, the PhD programs in many universities have some similarities to the method of the Gurukul. This programme adopts an organic system of learning – similar to the Gurukul. The participants need to identify a live business problem, within a few broad domains, and submit the same (100 words) before the programme starts. The instructors will choose a few business problems based on their fit with the programme. Each of the chosen problem will be taken up for brainstorming by participants and the instructors. The instructors will guide the process. After the brainstorming, the participants will work in groups, using XLRI’s comprehensive knowledge repositories and academic facilities to learn the fit of theoretical tools and frameworks to their business problems and use them for analysis. The analyses/progress will be presented by each group and critically examined by everyone for further directions or inputs. The instructors will handhold the participants at the beginning, but with each passing day the participants are expected to become more and more self-sufficient.


    The programme is best suited for:

    • Senior leaders of any type of company
    • Functional Experts who are a part of cross functional teams
    • Middle managers who aspire or expect to take up senior leadership role
    • Entrepreneurs with a developed business model
    • Junior Consultants
    • Finally……..anyone wanting to learn the basics of strategy or complex decisions is welcome


    The participants must submit a one-pager business problem before the start of the programme. The

    chosen live business problem must contain some elements of:

    • Business or Corporate Strategy
    • Strategic Change Management
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Technology, Innovation and Business
    • International Business
    • Family Business
    • Business and Society (including CSR, ESG etc)

    The process followed during the programme is presented below:

    The Introduction

    • Introduction to Strategy
    • Working with uncertainty
    • Problem Identification
    • Introduction to tools and resources
    • Group Formation and goal formulation

    The Interaction

    • Interactive and Collaborative strategic analysis (group based)
    • Progress Discussion with programme coordinators
    • Real life examples and cases
    • Revisiting goals

    The Summation

    • Building the strategic plan
    • Presentation and open discussion
    • Personalized feedback
    • Learning Summary


    06th Feb 21 - 10th Feb 23


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    Group 17

    Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee

    B.Tech - IIT Kgp; PGDBM - IIMC

    Strategic Management

    Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee had a rich industry experience before he switched into academics. He had been a corporate entrepreneur – building new lines of business; transferred, reverse engineered and indigenized licensed technology; turned around declining business.

    Group 16

    Dr. Saurav Snehvrat

    B.Tech (Honours)– NIT Rourkela, MBA (Distinction) – Ross School of Business, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor


    Dr. Saurav has approximately 12 years of corporate experience in IT, Automotive, Finance and Manufacturing in India and USA. He also has entrepreneurship experience in the Indian pharmaceuticals sector.


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