Understanding Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 05 Jan 2025

Session ends on 08 Jan 2025


    Understanding Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

    “India - A Global FinTech Superpower”- You might have recently come across this statement numerous times in newspaper headlines, TV show titles, documentaries, etc. The statement is quite true, given the estimated size of the Indian Fintech market at INR 1.3 trillion, which will reach INR 6.3 trillion by 2025. But what does Fintech bring for business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, regulators, and executives? A perplexing challenge about how to effectively handle the impending fintech revolution? Definitely, you cannot ignore it; ignoring this transformation is becoming riskier than taking the risk of embracing it. If you cannot ignore it, then it becomes crucial to know how to handle the challenge. While you contemplate the response, most likely, the common thought that comes to your mind is: how do you harness the potential of blockchain, digital currency, and other fintech innovations and maintain competitiveness? This course will help you take a step towards getting answers to these questions. While organizations may differ in their technology utilization, target markets, and customer bases, they face similar challenges when it comes to adopting fintech, blockchain, or digital currency. And it is not just tech companies; any established firm can redefine the financial services industry using Fintech and protect itself against financial disruption. Further, the government is also proactive in playing a crucial role in facilitating the development of an advanced fintech ecosystem. Thus, this course aims to provide participants with comprehensive insights into various financial technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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    This course aims to provide participants with

    1. A deep understanding of financial technologies and their business foundations.
    2. It seeks to demystify the fintech, the blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency and shed light on their market implications.
    3. Furthermore, the course aims  to help managers develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues that fintech aims to resolve.

    In summary, this course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to navigate the
    complexities of fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. It empowers them to make informed
    decisions, seize opportunities, and drive innovation within their organizations while staying ahead.
    in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


    The course will be delivered using a well-rounded approach combining concept explanations, case studies showcasing successful companies, sharing experiences, interactive discussions, and reflections on real-life examples. The lecture content is derived from up-to-date studies and surveys on the subject matter. Discussions will be experiential and interactive to encourage active participation, involving individual and/or group presentations. Additionally, action-oriented reflective exercises will guide participants in gaining strategic advantages from fintech. The ultimate goal is for participants to develop customized and actionable roadmaps for their respective organizations.


    This program is designed to benefit a wide range of participants, including managers and executives from various financial services companies such as banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, and credit card associations. It is equally valuable for entrepreneurs, startups, engineers, and
    computer enthusiasts operating in disruptive fintech spaces. Regulators who play a crucial role in overseeing the industry can also benefit from this program. Additionally, executives considering transitioning into private equity or venture capital can gain insights into the opportunities available in this evolving landscape.


    05 – 08 Jan 2025.                        XLRI DELHI.


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    Prof. Arpit Kumar Parija

    Prof. Arpit is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Economics at XLRI Delhi NCR. He is a financial economist specializing in banking and financial regulation. He has taken multiple Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency sessions for corporate executives and senior officers from the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). He is actively involved in research that seeks to understand how financial intermediaries make decisions in a strategic and uncertain environment, how agents change their behavior in response to financial regulations, and their implications for the financial system. His latest research has been featured in the World Bank- All About Finance series (A forum for public debate on the financial sector). He holds a Ph.D. (IIM Calcutta) in Economics (Minor: Finance.) Prof. Arpit can be contacted by email at arpitkp@xlri.ac.in. More details on him can be found at www.arpitkumarparija.com.


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