Influencing Through the Power of Communication

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 4th Dec 2024

Session ends on 6th Dec 2024


    Influencing Through the Power of Communication

    The need to communicate has been a core human motivation. This human need has always occupied centre stage in all matters of life and business. With the world shrinking further, effective communication is breaking boundaries of human existence. Closer home, communication skill is the vital strength that anybody would like to master for effective selling, negotiating and presenting. This is a key to be a successful leader in every sphere of life. Influencing Through the Power of Communication [ITPC] programme has been refashioned to meet the ever-changing challenge of every leader, in any industry to communicate in a manner that would not only persuade the audience to see what she/he wants them to see, but also motivate them to action and achieve a particular goal. ITPC incorporates some of the recent tools from well-researched content to meet the executives’/ professionals’ need of communicating clearly and strategically from all walks of life.


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    Through this intervention all the participants will be able to learn to analyze a situation, think critically, and communicate strategically to an audience drawn from across geographies, cultures. They will be able to effectively communicate to motivate others to collaborate and work together to achieve a common goal. They will be able to learn and apply some of the finer principles of  communication by being  the agents for change in critical moments of conflicts to drive towards a common organizational goal.


    The program will be conducted in a participant-centric workshop mode and in-person method. The methodology adopted will be a combination of the case method, simulations/exercises including role plays. Though mini-lectures will be used to share knowledge, it would primarily be participant focused. This programme would be of  3 days [18 hour of interaction] through an in-class method staggered across  two interactions with individual assessment and project work in between. All the sessions would be conducted at XLRI Delhi.



    SESSION CONTENT [ Along the Following Dimensions]

    Different Strategies of Communication

    • Fundamentals of business communication
    • Writing (E-mail) etiquette that matter in business
    • Role of communication in career 

    The Contours of Communication

    • Creating “ stories that stick”
    • A Simple Strategy of “effective communication”
    • Putting Small Talk to big action 

    Strategic Communication : A Critical Conversation

    • Strategic  Communication: handling hostility and communicating under stress
    • Understanding the science/neuroscience of communication
    • Strategically communicating and presenting

    04th – 06th Dec, 2024.              XLRI, Delhi.


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    Dr. Shravasti Chakravarty

    Assistant Professor at XLRI Delhi

    Dr Shravasti Chakravarty is an Assistant Professor of General Management at the XLRI-Delhi NCR campus. She teaches on the flagship BM, HRM, and executive MBA programmes. She also teaches on the various online programmes that XLRI offers. She has a PhD (English Language Education), and M.A. in English from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Her B.A. is from Presidency College, Calcutta University. Her teaching and research interests include Managerial Communication, developing critical thinking skills, and strategies for improved oral communication. She has numerous academic publications and presentations in various countries including Japan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Spain, France, and New Zealand. She has extensive teaching experience at the university level in India, and Uzbekistan.


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