Assessor Certification Program on Assessment Centre Approach to Competency Mapping

Become a professional Assessment center expert with this online Certification in Competency mapping.

Session starts from 20 Feb 2023

Session ends on 24 Feb 2023

Location: Online


    Assessor Certification Program on Assessment Centre Approach to Competency Mapping

    Wide and sweeping changes are shaping the business landscape today, and threatening to erode the As the availability of quality human resource is not keeping pace with the growing demand, mapping the employee competence and assisting them in competence building are becoming more and more critical. One of the most important issues faced by organisations is the dilemma of choosing the right kind of measurement tools for competency mapping. While there are different approaches to measuring competencies, a combination of Assessment Centre and Psychological Testing approaches seem to be yielding good results. The Assessment Centre (AC) method involves the assessment of a number of individuals by a team of trained assessors using a variety of techniques including business games, in-basket, group discussions, presentation, and interview. Development Centre (DC), a relatively new concept is a variation of AC and provides an experiential environment where the participants on their own determine their development needs as well as the development plan. Assessment Centres and/or Development Centres can provide a comprehensive, standardized evaluation of behaviour based on multiple assessment techniques. They can contribute valuable information to a large number of functions that are carried out by any Human Resource Management (HRM) system in an organisation. The success of Assessment Centre, however, depends on the quality of Assessors. This programme aims to create quality assessors who have undergone the entire process of Behavioral Assessment such as ORCSE. The programme ensures the quality of assessors by the rigorous process and comprehensive content of the 5 day programme. The certification component including the participants running the assessment centres further ensures the quality of assessor training. competitive advantages of companies. It is not uncommon to see marquee firms of yesteryears become casualty of current environmental shocks. Even the surviving companies do so after losing immense value of stakeholders. Only well designed and meticulously implemented turnaround strategies can revive companies facing such shock and bestow their past glory. This unique programme takes the participants through the science behind turning around businesses and transforming strategies


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    ▪ You will undergo the entire gamut of Assessment Centre Exercise

    ▪ You will learn by defining competencies

    ▪ You will learn by observing and classifying behaviour

    ▪ You will learn from lectures and discussions

    ▪ You will get an opportunity to practice what you learnt

    ▪ You will learn by designing exercises and evaluating them

    ▪ You will learn from cases

    ▪ You will learn by running a mini assessment centre


    Professionals involved in HR activities in corporate.


    ▪ Concept of competencies

    ▪ Approaches to mapping competencies

    ▪ Types of Assessment Centre

    ▪ Behavioral Assessment Process : ORCSE

    ▪ Observation skills and behaviour reporting

    ▪ Nature and types of exercises

    ▪ In basket, Group Decision making, Role Play, Fact Finding

    ▪ Ancillary tools : CBI and Psychometric Test

    ▪ Designing exercises

    ▪ Preparation of assessment report

    ▪ Giving assessment feedback

    ▪ Designing and Implementing an assessment centre


    On the final day there will be a Comprehensive Assessor Certification Test covering both practice and theory.

    While everyone will receive Certificate of Participation, those who qualify the test will be awarded Certified

    Assessor certificate by XLRI Jamshedpur. To help ensure the reading material reaches you in time, please

    complete the registration including payment of fee, at the earliest.


    20th Feb 23 - 24th Feb 23 -  Online


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    Before registering get to know a bit about your directors

    Group 18

    Dr R K Premarajan

    M.A. (Psycho) Calicut, Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)

    Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

    Working as Professor in the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources areas at Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur, India. Joined XLRI in October 1994.


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