Exploring Blockchain Horizons: Beyond Cryptocurrencies

A uniquely designed residential programme offered to the working executives across India.

Session starts from 17th Dec. 2024

Session ends on 19th Dec. 2024


    Exploring Blockchain Horizons: Beyond Cryptocurrencies

    Welcome to "Exploring Blockchain Horizons: Beyond Cryptocurrencies," an immersive journey into the multifaceted world of blockchain technology. The course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, delving beyond its association with cryptocurrencies. As we delve into the intricate layers of this revolutionary technology, you will gain theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a strategic perspective on how blockchain is reshaping industries far beyond the realm of digital currencies. Are you ready to go beyond the conventional understanding of blockchain? Join us on this exciting journey as we explore blockchain horizons, unlocking the potential of this transformative technology. Let's dive deep, learn, innovate, and shape the future together!


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    This course aims to provide participants with:

    Practical Emphasis: This course goes beyond theory, placing a significant emphasis on practical application. Through interesting use cases and projects, you will develop the skills needed to implement blockchain solutions in real-world scenarios.

    Diverse Industry Applications: While cryptocurrencies sparked the blockchain revolution, our focus extends to the diverse applications of blockchain across industries. From healthcare to social media, real estate, and beyond, you’ll explore how blockchain is reshaping the future of each sector.

    In-Depth Analysis: We don’t just scratch the surface; we dive deep into the architecture, components, and challenges of blockchain technology. You’ll gain a profound understanding of consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and the intricate workings of blockchain networks.


    The course will be divided into comprehensive modules, each meticulously crafted to build your expertise progressively. From understanding the fundamentals and architecture to interactive discussions, industry-specific use cases, and future trends, you’ll cover the entire spectrum of blockchain technology.


    Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to upgrade your skills or a newcomer curious about the potential of blockchain, this course is designed for you. Business leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone intrigued by the transformative power of blockchain will find valuable insights and practical knowledge. No prior blockchain experience is required. An open mind, enthusiasm for learning, and a desire to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain are all that you need.

    • Blockchain Networks and Architecture
    • Smart Contracts and Consensus Mechanisms
    • Blockchain-enabled Social Media
    • Blockchain for Land Record
    • Blockchain for Genomics
    • Blockchain for Education
    • Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Business Model
    • Emerging Blockchain Platforms

    17 – 19 Dec 2024.                      XLRI , Delhi.


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    Dr. Manas Tripathi

    Dr. Manas Tripathi works as an Associate Professor in the area of Information Systems at the XLRI - Xavier School of Management Delhi-NCR, India. Before joining XLRI, he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Rohtak and Jindal Global Business School, Sonipat, Haryana. He also worked as a Software Engineer in a software product-based company. He is a Fellow in Management (Doctoral level program) of the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow in the Information Technology and Systems area. He has obtained a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Information Technology from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI) Kanpur. He has published articles in journals and conferences of international repute. His research interests include the business value of IT, business-focused predictive analytics, IT strategy, and business applications of blockchain technology.


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